Beware of wolves in sheep clothings.


One thought on “SCAM ALERT

  1. Below is a checklist of actions that could save you from the snare of scammers:
    · It pays not be too emotional and to double check every information you are given in any business or social relationship.

    · Do not give out information about yourself to anybody you don’t know or trust.

    · Never respond to any mail except you are sure of the source.

    · Be very circumspect about stories you are told by strangers and supposed lovers in an internet affair.

    · Above all, never send money or disclose your banking details to any one you do not know or trust.

    · Never part with your money until you are 100 percent certain that the business is genuine.

    · Don’t be part of any transaction that seems dubious or which you might not be comfortable discussing with family, friends and associates.

    · Any transaction cloacked in secrecy is an expressway to financial ruin.


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