Just How Important is a foundation?

Well am a trained civil engineer (oh yes I am and I use to work with TREVI foundations) so I think I know just how important a foundation is to a building. If you don’t please take time out to find out (now that’s your assignment + thank God for Google). From time to time we hear cases of collapse buildings, although there are different reasons why this happens, here is a few:

  1. The use of low quality building materials coupled with employment of incompetent artisans and weak supervision of workmen on site.
  2. Non-compliance with specifications/standards, use of substandard building materials and equipment’s and the employment of incompetent contractors.
  3. Non-enforcement of existing laws and endemic poor work ethics at large.

The above is not an exhaustive list, but trust me one thing most of these collapse buildings have in common is a #FAILED FOUNDATION. When this happens there is an enormous loss of huge investments in housing, properties and above all human life.

Structural integrity is not just a necessity, it is a MUST.

Enough of my civil engineering #drama (well I hope you learnt a thing or two) let’s get down to business (shhh… we are talking about SEX).

I will be laying down the foundation for our sex talk.

  1. Sex was not invented in #Hollywood. (Yes, just in case you thought so), #SEX was made by #GOD.
  2. The manufacturer of any product determines the #purpose of the product and typically gives a manual for direction/ instruction. Our manual is the #Bible
  3. Sex is good, Sex is not SIN.
  4. Sex is a natural part of human existence. Notice I said human not animal.
  5. Sex was designed to be explored and enjoyed ONLY in marriage. (Well the creator said so , not me ) – Don’t get me wrong I am imperfect.This is me keeping it real.I also do not speak as one who has attained but this one thing I do: I forget what is behind and  am pressing forward to what is ahead.

This is pretty long I know (I love to speak #omowunmispeaks) …

Stayed tuned as our sex talk is getting intense!



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