Made in Hollywood?

Ever wonder who invented sex? More like what country did “the product “come from lol, seriously now where did sex come from?

Just so you know sex was not MADE IN HOLLYWOOD, God created sex. Remember when He was done creating, He saw all that he created and it was very good. #SEXisgood

It is well-known and globally accepted fact that

  1. the manufacturer of any product knows more about the product than anyone else
  2. The product is created to meet a particular need
  3. For the product to function effectively the guideline (manual) for operation must be followed.

In parallel, God designed sex to be explored and enjoyed #ONLY in marriage. Therefore every other way we have used sex is an #abuse or a #misuse.

Myles Munroe in his book Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman said

“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”

What then is the purpose of sex?

  • Procreation
  • Intimacy
  • Companionship
  • Physical Pleasure

Reference Gen. 1:28 , Song 1:13,  Song 2:3, Song 2:6,  Song 4:5 , Song 3:1, Song 1:2

I honestly believe that Gods wants us to enjoy SEX to the fullest. He intended sex to be far more than mere pleasurable sensations. He designed it as the intimate union of spirit, soul and body #exclusively shared between a husband and wife.

Photo credit: John Kobal Foundation


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