I Love failures

c o m e  u p  w i t h (3)I do not like to fail. My fear of failure many time stops me from daring to do a couple of things I know I should do. Hear this, I am no longer afraid of failure and here is why…

God always causes us to triumph and to have victory.

Victory is not something we are trying to have. Victory belongs to us. We are at a vantage point because position-ally we are more than conquerors.

Our conditions may not look like it – but that’s okay.

A sailor never gets skillful without storms (Tweet that).

Here is the deal:

 Failure is an event!

It doesn’t matter how many times the event “failed” what matters is what we do after the “event”

Typically when events fail we react by giving up, quitting, being resentful , being hurt etc

While those feelings are real , we cannot be ruled by them.

We must respond by keeping faith, by trying again , pressing on, being kind, forgiving etc

I stumbled on a letter written to Fear by Joyce Meyer. (Click here to download) and I said to me!

I am done being afraid.

So today I am here to remind you Failure is nothing.


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