Dear Special you,

Thank you for taking time out to stop by to read what i have to say on this page. Yippee, I hoped that you would come and you did. You are indeed very special.

Just in case you are wondering why Omowunmispeaks? – Truth is I honestly do not know of a better name I could use to describe myself. I love to Speak, therefore until you have a better name to describe me , please stick with this choice. #widegrin

Beulah_@_5_0423My Mum told me, that as a two (2) year old child, I didn’t crawl or walked, and everyone was really scared (They thought I had some form of paralysis or so, I guess they couldn’t place it) anyways I had such a ‘sharp mouth’ and spoke with so much confidence, I got myself a nickname “elejowewe” in Yoruba language (translated as talkative) and elejowewe I was and I am.

If  I am in a room, you cannot help but noticed my presence, plus I also speak very passionately. I would never in a thousand years consider myself a writer because I strongly believed that I speak better than I write.

Jeff Goins  thank you for stirring up the writer in me.

With Love,

Omowunmi Speaks.

Wait a minute , I have not told you the things I love , well I just signed off. On a second thought I can continue to write its my page yeah!

Things I love and am passionate about

Love , family , community , education, everyday ordinary people doing extraordinary thingssimple living, social enterprise , purpose/value driven life, leadership and management, volunteering , reading , teaching,  and mentoring young people, personal development, justice and fairness to mention but a few.

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I am on social media

Please follow me on Twitter , like me on  Facebook or Listen to me on Sound cloud. You can mail me here Email

Blog frequency

I  plan to post once a week , well if I don’t please call me to order.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I had a skim of your blog and just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed reading your posts 🙂 I love that you follow what you’re passionate about.

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