As a Volunteer for the IREDE Foundation, I find great joy and a sense of purpose in helping the organization empower child amputees to live a self sufficient life.

Last year, I manage an awareness walk tagged ” OUT on a LIMB” and there were amazing children who came out to walk with their parents. I love children and when I see them involved in activities in their communities, I have hope for the future.

These children choose to be advocates rather than sit in front of their computer or playing video games all day at home.

They volunteered their time and energy to those in need.

Today I celebrate these incredible young people, who made the choice to spend their spare time making a difference in the lives of child amputees.

If this child can, what are you waiting for?

Out on a limb_7D_0079

Be a part of history in 2015,  join us as we walk to put smiles on the faces of child Amputees.

Date: Friday, May 1st ,2015.

Venue: 77A YMCA building , Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos

Time: 7:00am – 10:00am

Register here.

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Story Telling for a change!

Stories are powerful tools for change.

Come August 20th 2014 , I will be sharing my story with group of young social change agents ( who have demonstrated interest in using their technical skills to create value in their communities)  at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos, Yaba.

I am excited about this opportunity

Powered by ImpactLabs

Impactlabs is an initiative recently started by students and graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. The objective of this project is to provide hands-on engineering design and energy education to Nigerian students through real-life technology implementation projects. These projects will address specific energy and water needs in Lagos. The long-term goal of ImpactLabs is to create a sustainable local innovation space to foster the creative and scientific talents of Nigerian youth in the hopes of replicating the success of initiatives such as D-Lab at MIT.

#Learn, #do, #makeanimpact.

Omowunmispeaks – The voice of change!


Omowunmi Speaks on Voice of America


Omowunmi Speaks discussion with participants from Nigeria in the Young African Leaders Initiative Network organised by president Barack Obama, will be aired on the following days on Channels TV & Voice of America.

Friday, July 25, 2014
0830 UTC/4:30am DC/ 9:30am Lagos Time
1300 UTC/9:00am DC/2pm Lagos Time
1830 UTC/2:30pmDC/7:30pm Lagos Time

Saturday, July 26, 2014
0800 UTC/4:00amDC/ 9:00am Lagos Time
1300UTC/9:00am DC/ 2pm Lagos Time
1730 UTC/1:30pm DC/6:30pm Lagos Time

Sunday, July 27, 2014
1330 UTC/9:30am DC/ 2:30pm Lagos Time
1730 UTC/1:30pm DC/6:30pm Lagos Time
2000 UTC/4:00pm DC/ 9pm Lagos Time

Video link : http://www.voanews.com/media/video/1965516.html


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”― Nelson Mandela

Sometimes I wonder if ” African leaders” believe this quote; and to say that civilization began here, feels like fairytale. Today isn’t about them. Its about everyone who in one way or the other have made sacrifices to invest in education. Time and space will fail me to mention their name (now that’s your assignment) #ifeellikeateacher

Today I celebrate Architect Kunlé Adeyemi. You can ask me why later.

I  believe in the power of story. Stories can be  powerful tools of change.  That’s why I have decided to share my story. If you attended a public school in Nigeria(or anywhere in the world) am sure you have a story.

I hope that together we can tell stories that can bring about the kind of CHANGE that we desire!



Left Behind! – By Jaraad Abdalla

Interviewer: Why is the Negro so behind economically?Ashkenazi Jew: Not only does the Negro have the slowest wit, he does not practice group economics.

The only aspect of economics the Negro understands is consumption.

He doesn’t understand the importance of building wealth.

The fundamental rule is to keep your money within your racial group.

We build business Jewish, hire Jewish, spend Jewish and buy Jewish.

There is nothing wrong with that.

But it’s a basic rule that the Negro cannot comprehend and follow.

He kills his fellow Negro daily over crack cocaine and heroin or for the sake of ”keeping it real” instead of wanting to see his fellow Negro do well.

93% of blacks killed in America are by other blacks.

Statistics show that, the Jew’s money exchanges hands 18 times before leaving his community.

The Negro’s is probably a maximum of once.

Only 6% of his money goes back into his community.

That’s how Jews are at the top and they are at the bottom rung of every ladder of every society.

1 in 104 Negroes build businesses in America and there is an inverse correlation with the percentage of the prison population being at 51%, despite only being 13% of the aggregate American population.

Interviewer: The Negro’s buying power in America is $1,000,100,000,000.00 trillion dollars. $100 billion dollars more than the entire GDP of Africa ($1 trillion dollars) and it’s set to rise to $1,700,000,000,000.00 trillion dollars by 2017 according to an analysis from economic experts. But what could the Negro do with $1,000,100,000,000.00 trillion dollars a year?

Ashkenazi Jew: Negroes of the American diaspora?

Interviewer: Yes

Ashkenazi Jew: Well, Instead of buying Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Cristal
(Corporations that could influence politics at his own expense and are also not big fans of him).

He could industrialise the whole of Africa, build national banks, rid of majority of colonial banks and institutions on his continent by putting them out of business.

This will make room for economic growth in Africa.
He could hold onto more of his resources whilst actually selling them at market rates, without the requirement to sell the rights.

He could reduce poverty substantially, become self-reliant and not rely on the aid of the European.

He could build a nuclear arsenal for a united Africa, invest in infrastructure, educational institutions, scientific research and technological innovations for his benefit.

With $1,000,100,000,000.00 trillion dollars, the Negro could rapidly catalyse Africa’s ascent to becoming a world power.

Interviewer: What are your thoughts on the Negro’s remarkable failures after 150 years?

Ashkenazi Jew: Well, nothing is ever the Negro’s fault.

His compulsive habit of killing his own, his compulsive material consumption.

His inabilities to build businesses and preserve wealth are usually somebody else’s fault.

Interviewer: What can the Negro do to liberate himself from his economic plight?

Ashkenazi Jew: The Negro must take responsibility.

The Negro must unite.

He must build businesses; he must invest in his own institutions and infrastructure.

He must keep money in his community and he must learn to control his own means of production.

Interviewer: Thank you for your time.

Ashkenazi Jew: Pleasure