Nigeria at 54! Happy Independence

Nigeria at 54

Today I celebrate my beloved country Nigeria, Happy Independence. I honestly do not know what to say. Wait a minute, as an ambassador of the kingdom that sent me on assignment to this nation: I boldly declare,  I have the same spirit of faith,  because I believe therefore I Speak

  1. Let there be light
  2. Nigeria is a nation with a vision
  3. Our leaders are servant
  4. We make huge investment in education
  5. We have world class education system
  6. We dwell in peaceful and safe habitation
  7. We individually think of what we can do for Nigeria
  8. Our health systems and institutions work effectively
  9. Our business prospers
  10. We have a great customer service culture
  11. We are driven by excellence
  12. Our Nation is free of corruption
  13. We live in unity
  14. Our children are world changers
  15. Our transportation system is functional
  16. There is justice in our land
  17. We are guided by truth
  18. We are a people of integrity
  19. We amaze the world
  20. We become the most desirable country to live in
  21. We are take care of our own
  22. Our redefine standards in every area of business and commerce
  23. Our reputation in and around the world is for good
  24. We value every life
  25. We are trend setters in information and technology
  26. We have strong families and communities
  27. We are free from terrorism and insurgency
  28. We are an examples to other nations
  29. We are concerned citizens
  30. We feed other nations
  31. Our manufacturing industries are functional
  32. The police is truly our friends
  33. Our soldiers defend / protect us
  34. Our water is blessed
  35. Our land is fruitful
  36. We are not a people with a culture of waste
  37. We manage our resources well
  38. We are free from the love of money
  39. We land is fertile, we have enough to eat , enough to export and enough to give for charity
  40. We have solution providers with cutting edge expertise
  41. We are a people happy and contented
  42. Our borders are secured
  43. Nigeria is blessed
  44. Nigeria is a nation built on a solid foundation
  45. We are surrounded with favour
  46. Righteousness exalts our nation
  47. Our institutions are built on integrity
  48. Our senior citizens are well taken care of
  49. We are ranked amongst the best nations in the world
  50. We are community conscious
  51. We preserve our heritage
  52. We live in harmony
  53. We are Nigerians and we are proud
  54. Above all We love one another

This is the Nigeria of my dreams. God bless Nigeria.

Photo Credit : Mr and Mrs Jones


Made in Hollywood?

Ever wonder who invented sex? More like what country did “the product “come from lol, seriously now where did sex come from?

Just so you know sex was not MADE IN HOLLYWOOD, God created sex. Remember when He was done creating, He saw all that he created and it was very good. #SEXisgood

It is well-known and globally accepted fact that

  1. the manufacturer of any product knows more about the product than anyone else
  2. The product is created to meet a particular need
  3. For the product to function effectively the guideline (manual) for operation must be followed.

In parallel, God designed sex to be explored and enjoyed #ONLY in marriage. Therefore every other way we have used sex is an #abuse or a #misuse.

Myles Munroe in his book Understanding the Purpose and Power of Woman said

“When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable”

What then is the purpose of sex?

  • Procreation
  • Intimacy
  • Companionship
  • Physical Pleasure

Reference Gen. 1:28 , Song 1:13,  Song 2:3, Song 2:6,  Song 4:5 , Song 3:1, Song 1:2

I honestly believe that Gods wants us to enjoy SEX to the fullest. He intended sex to be far more than mere pleasurable sensations. He designed it as the intimate union of spirit, soul and body #exclusively shared between a husband and wife.

Photo credit: John Kobal Foundation