Story Telling for a change!

Stories are powerful tools for change.

Come August 20th 2014 , I will be sharing my story with group of young social change agents ( who have demonstrated interest in using their technical skills to create value in their communities)  at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos, Yaba.

I am excited about this opportunity

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Impactlabs is an initiative recently started by students and graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. The objective of this project is to provide hands-on engineering design and energy education to Nigerian students through real-life technology implementation projects. These projects will address specific energy and water needs in Lagos. The long-term goal of ImpactLabs is to create a sustainable local innovation space to foster the creative and scientific talents of Nigerian youth in the hopes of replicating the success of initiatives such as D-Lab at MIT.

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Omowunmispeaks – The voice of change!



Volunteering for a change!

“I want to die empty, I want to leave behind a legacy , I want to make a difference , I want the world to know that I came , I lived and I loved…”

As part of making a difference in the world , I started to volunteer ( in my ‘created’ time) for a foundation The Irede Foundation that empowers child amputees.

I managed a charity walk tagged “OUT ON A LIMB” which took place on the 12th of April 2014 in Lagos Nigeria.

In attendance was Ace Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw and Comedy Industry Pioneer, Ali Baba, top-notch personalities, professionals, members of the society and children .

The 2 kilometer walk which kicked off at about 8:30am from the YMCA Building premises as the convergent point on Awolowo Road Ikoyi had over 600 participants  who walked to Falomo Roundabout and back.

Aside the two entertainment veterans in the movie and comedy industry, other notable personalities in attendance were seasoned news archor and reporter of Channels TV, Adesewa Josh, Praise Fowowe, Diekololami Olu-Adegoke, and Winner of MTN Project Fame Season 5, Ayobami Ayoola, Road runners Cycling and Recreational club

Today 5 child amputees are smiling and on their way to getting their prosthetic limb.I am so excited.

Join me next year to extend limbs and raise champions.

#outonalimb #omowunmispeaks #volunteeringispowerful


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Omowunmi Speaks on Voice of America!

Omowunmi Speaks will be discussing leadership experience with other young Nigerians in #YALINetwork Live on Channels TV & Voice of America on the 23rd of July 2014, 4.30pm. This Young African Leaders Initiative Network is President Barack Obama signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders.YALINetwork on

Video link :

Join me tomorrow-OS

A girl who demanded school.

I want to challenge you today. You are listening to me because you are here, very optimistic. You are somebody who is so passionate. You are somebody who wants to see a better world. You are somebody who wants to see that war ends, no poverty. You are somebody who wants to make a difference. You are somebody who wants to make our tomorrow better. I want to challenge you today that to be the first, because people will follow you. Be the first. People will follow you. Be bold. Stand up. Be fearless. Be confident. Move out, because as you change your world, as you change your community, as we believe that we are impacting one girl, one family, one village, one country at a time. We are making a difference, so if you change your world, you are going to change your community, you are going to change your country, and think about that. If you do that, and I do that, aren’t we going to create a better future for our children, for your children, for our grandchildren? And we will live in a very peaceful world. Thank you very much- Kakenya Ntaiya

Do it Afraid!

A few weeks ago I got a chance to be on Channels TV , I was very nervous and unsure of of taking the opportunity.

I do not like to debate neither do I like lights and cameras especially live TV… 

10355811_10202548496808104_6831446275381744978_n “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear; The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.” ― Meg Cabot, The Princess Diaries.

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