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 I am value driven and  I love everyday people who do extraordinary things. I  love to volunteer  –  ask Edu-Aid, Beyond the classroom foundation, Project smile Africa, Strong voices and the IREDE Foundation.

Today i will be focusing on the IREDE Foundation.

The IREDE Foundation is a not for profit organization focused on learning a hand of Love, Joy and Hope to children living with limb loss whether congenital or acquired by encouraging and enabling them to live a self supportive lives and to help affected families to rise to the challenge of limb loss knowing there are no limits to their potentials.

 It was founded in 2012 by Crystal Chigbu, a mother of 4 year old IREDE Beulah Chigbu who was born with a missing tibia and patella in her right leg. Crystal and husband, Zubby were told that the only option for Beulah for a functionally mobile life was amputation and prosthesis. It took over 2 years for Crystal and Zubby just to accept the reality to have the surgery and give Beulah prosthesis.

The IREDE Foundation is Crystal’s opportunity to share her hope, and faith with all caregivers, families and kids with limb loss.

The IREDE foundation has three processes:

Educate: We are focused on educating care-givers and the society on congenital and acquired limb loss; and how to relate and care for children with this kind of loss. This will be delivered via seminars/trainings, the use of mass media, social media etc.

Encourage: We understand the challenges these children and their families face daily; and desire to be there for them when they need encouragement and support. Thus via the establishment of Support Groups, we will build a support system they can count on always

Empower: We are focused on empowering the African child living with limb loss to live his or her life to the fullest; having equal access to life’s opportunities like every other African child via mentoring/ coaching sessions and the provision of prosthetic limbs to indigent children between the ages of 1-18 years.

The OUT ON A LIMB awareness walk schedule to hold on Saturday the 12th of April 2014, is part of our yearly educate programme aimed at bringing the attention of society to the challenges faced by children living with limb loss and the need to appropriately care for them.

Walking this year 2014

Walking with me this year is Kate Henshaw, Freke Umoh, Diekololami Olu-A degoke, Ayoola Ayobami, Adenike Oyetunde, Adesewa Josh, child amputees, members of the society , partners and sponsors.

Details of the walk

The first edition of Out on a limb walk had over 300 participants joining us to make a statement on behalf of children living with limb loss. This year, on Saturday the 12tof April, 2014 at Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. About a 1000 participants are expected to join the Walk.

Outcome of the walk:

The walk also would –

1. Raise funds to provide prosthetic limbs for two indigent child amputees

2. Expand its network of partners (both corporate and individuals).

Join us to extend limbs and raise champions.

For more info Visit:


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